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Monday, April 26, 2010

Having fun at the Park

It was a nice afternoon, and Mommy and Daddy had a few hours of overlapping time off, so they took me to the park to play. Here are my favorite parts.

First we played on the swings. (It is very hard to get a non-blurry picture on a swing set, but I think he had a good time!)

Then I got to try out the slide.

Daddy must want me to grow up to be a little daredevil.

I sure do love my Daddy!

Next I got to ride on a crazy horse.

Then on to the Monkey Bars to work on some pulls ups.

I'm concentrating so hard!

Made it! Now time to try to eat the bar.

Can someone please help me down now??

Finally Daddy helped me climb up high to go down another big slide!
Then it got a little windy.

Bye, Park! I hope I get to come back soon!

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