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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Story time!

Michael has been really into books lately.

From june 2010

From june 2010

From june 2010

It's fun because he will actually try to listen to a story and look at the pictures now, instead of just trying to eat the book. He'll even help turn the pages, until he gets bored.

Sandra Boynton is a children's author who, based on the sheer volume of her merchandise for sale at Borders, must be a bazillionaire. I would not be sad at all if my life had led me to be a wildly popular children's book author/illustrator. Nope, I wouldn't mind that one bit. I'm still young, right? It could happen. I've got to say, her books are great. Michael loves them, too. Here is a video of me reading "Green Hat, Blue Hat" to him. The premise is simple... characters wearing different colored hats/shirts/pants, and then a character wearing the article of clothing incorrectly (i.e. pants on top of his head, or something like that). Michael must really understand the complex humor involving pattern recognition, knowledge of how to dress correctly, and the funniness that comes from wearing pants on your head.

Or, he just likes to hear Mommy say OOPS! Clearly, this is the funniest thing Michael has ever seen or heard.

He starts coughing at the end, and the video cuts off.


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